An ethical entrepreneur with a portfolio of businesses, startups and consultancy contracts.

Born in Sheffield but having lived in both Australia and Malawi. I have grown a number of enterprises, businesses and nonprofits in my career. 

I have a portfolio of both established businesses and startups, including training, website development and Tech for Good. It’s evident that the lines between business and charity are blurring, however, I think this is a good thing. 

I own and consult ethical and purpose-driven businesses; businesses which prioritise doing good, just as much as making profit.

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I bring a range of intuitive entrepreneurial skills to the table, helping to drive businesses towards achieving their strategic objectives. 

These skills enable me to define a clear route for organisations to implement and manage their strategies. Often businesses develop a set of strategic objectives for 10 years time, but do not know what they are going to do on a Monday morning to make them happen. 

Through use of my skill set I help businesses to establish an agile roadmap, meeting cadence and methods of setting and monitoring progress objectives. 

This enables entire organisations to bring their staff onboard, working towards common goals and driving the company to growth and a higher level of impact.

I believe it is a business’s obligation to operate in an ethical way.

Prioritising business ethics is no longer unorthodox, it is essential to meet current consumer and business trends.